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Discussions on latest research issues. Left to right: Kathleen Schröter, Dr. Henrik Bispinck (BStU), Franziska Kuschel and Dr. Anne Barnert (IfZ).

Research Department

Main Research Areas

The Education and Research Department conducts basic research on important subject areas. Its studies focus on a reconstruction of the MfS apparatus and primary-source publications of key documents relevant to general investigations of East Germany.

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Grounds of the former Stasi headquarters viewed from above

Exhibitions and Museum

We offer you the special opportunity to learn about the history of the Stasi at an authentic site: on the former grounds of the Ministry of State Security. Visit "Haus 1", the centre of the complex. This is where Erich Mielke, the Minister of State Security, had his office until November 1989.

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Two pupils reading sample files in the Stasi Records Agency.

School Education

The Stasi Records Agency provides printed material, audio and video recordings as well as downloads for project days and teaching lessons. We support teachers teaching about GDR history, focused on repression and intimidation by the Stasi. We also offer assistance to pupils who are conducting research on the Stasi, either for presentations, projects or term papers.

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An opened book on a table.

The publications of the BStU

The Federal Commissioner publishes several individual and series of publications on the state of MfS research, and on the research of general subjects, archive-related topics as well as on political education. These publications can either be ordered and/or directly downloaded.

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