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Currently there is a debate in Great Britain about a possible documentation of activities of the Labour politician Jeremy Corbyn in the Stasi records. The Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Records (BStU) usually only releases information with connection to a person to journalists and researchers when records document an official or unofficial collaboration with the Ministry of State Security. Otherwise there is no further disclosure. But because speculations have risen because of this policy in the case of Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott, the BStU for this case makes the following exceptional statement:

Thorough research in the records of the Ministry for State Security of East Germany in response to recent requests have not produced any records or any other information on Jeremy Corbyn or Diane Abbott.

(This statement has been updated from February 21st, 2018 as the term "recent research" created another set of questions. Researches in the Stasi records archive happen in response to requests. The term "recent" refers to the most up to date status of records retrival and always incorporates the broadest possible search for records.)

Dagmar Hovestädt
press spokeswoman BStU


Dagmar Hovestädt

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